July 30th 2002, An invitation to the press premiere of the new FAIRLADY Z <PART-1>

July 30th 2002, An invitation to the press premiere
of the new FAIRLADY Z (350Z) was held from13:30`15:30
Ariake Colosseum on the Bay front of Tokyo
(Z club menbers and Press)

(1) Thru the heavy traffic of Tokyo, we head of our destination.
Over 100 Zcars gathered in this historical day from all over Japan from various clubs.

(2) Of course there are alot more members and not all was able to make it is this event.

(3) I don't know the reason but a lot of fire extinguishers were at the entance of the parking lot. Does Nissan still have a thought that Zcar = tunend car = Fire?? Who wil ever know the real meaning of the fire extinguishers.

(4) A name card case was give to all the Club members who tokk part. The case itself is made fromthe same leather of the New 350Z interior.

(5) At the main enterance, the Z car made a reunion with their newest member 350Z! Some 350Z related goods set so be relaesed to the world were also shown. I was lucky to catch Mr. Carlos Goan and Nissan Design department Mr. Nakamura at the back entrance.

(6) The atmoshere was somthing that invites everybody in the room to the future. A new era to be born with the 350Z

(7) With the appearance of Carlos Goan, the show begines. With a flash of aray of lights, the 350z was revieled.

(8) Carlos Goan gave a speach to his newest member of his family for about 20min. Followed by Mr. Yukawa, the Development leder of the 350Z.
Our beloved Mr. K was in San diago, California for the loving ensutiatus in the USA.

(9) After the speaches, we were aloud our first encounter with he newest Z

(10) 7 exterior colors will be sold in Japan. A racing model was also showed. Nissan was kind enough to put a staff to each car for the coming question from the Z car lovers

(11) Leather seat and seat heating will be set factory option with power seats. Fabric seats will not be power seat.
THe passenger side has a SRS aig bag but not glove compartment but only a cup holder.