Repair Cases
We take repair orders for every  Datsun/Nissan models 
Equipt with two 10t frame modification machines@and an infrared coloring booth

Every parts will be genuine prats from the factory. (Even to a single bolt)

"Do you know that not a single bolt is the same if is made by a different manufactuare!"

Of course we take orders for all domestic and imports

Z32 1993year model  (turbo, RH model for the domestic market)

S30i240ZGjFull originaliA Ful restoration was done by us 7 years ago) 


It always a dream for car lovers to keep you car in mint condition.
But its not a simply take to accomplish. Snow, rain and even sunline isn't good for you car.

Maybe we have a few answer by fully restoring you car.

We have received many awards for resotring Zcars. In 1998 at the "8th annual Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show" we were awarded the grandprix for restoration.

'84model@Z31 "Nissan 50th anniversary model" (originaly for the North American market)

S30 Fairlady Z(eariler model for the domestic Repair Casesmarket)

'89model Z32 restoreration & instaration Stillen SM-Z Groud effect kit

'88 Z31300ZR turbo instalation (VG30engine with DOHC head only sold int the domestic market)

Up coming reports!
'72model 240ZG (1998 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show Grand prix Prize winner for restoration)
'72model 240ZG with factory A/T (entryed in 2001Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show restoration contest)
Z31 Nissan 50th Anniversary model

Tuning up
It's always best to when you car is "ready to run" with some parts modification of your own
Genuine part maybe a solution.


S30i240Zj with exshust system for 432model (special domestic model with S20 type engine). 

Up coming tuning reports
Z32 with Stillen ground effects etc.
S130 with L28 engine swap & restoration body work


d and Transmissions

SRL2000 Roadstar re-setting transmission and engine


What else?
EBody jobs
ERepainting AMG-Mercedes

EBMW Apina looks

ERepair of Honda NSX (well known as the Acura NSX in the Foregin market)